An 8 Step Framework for creating, implementing and sustaining Workplace Wellbeing Programmes

Self-paced online training.

The Work Well Institute online education

Programme Objectives

  • Understand a defined framework for creating, implementing and improving a sustainable wellness programme for workplaces based on academic research and practical case study examples

  • Reflect upon, critically evaluate and document the best approach for your own work context

What's included?

  • Instant access

  • 10 Modules (Introduction, 8 Step-Framework and Conclusion)

  • All programme materials and case study examples

  • Live monthly “Office Hours” with your instructor and fellow students

  • Online student community

  • Self-paced

  • Available 24/7

  • Work Well Institute course completion certificate

Who will benefit?

  • HR professionals and senior leaders

  • Office, Facilities, Wellbeing and Health & Safety managers

  • Occupational health professionals

  • Anyone that is interested in developing a wellness programme at their workplace (now, or in the future)

How will you benefit?

  • Practical step-by-step introduction to implementing a wellness programme

  • Overview of the evidence on what makes wellness programmes work successfully

  • Focus on the challenges and opportunities at your own workplace

  • Review real world examples

  • Opportunity to join a growing community of workplace wellness professionals in Ireland and abroad

  • Opportunity to act as a future mentor in the Workplace Wellbeing Ireland community and for future training courses

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Course Curriculum

  • 2


    • Welcome to the course!

    • How to complete the course

    • Introduction - Learning Outcomes and 8 Step Framework

    • The Landscape of Workplace Wellness - The Research Evidence

    • BONUS - The Landscape of Workplace Wellness - The Irish Context

    • Reading Assignment and Homework

  • 3

    Step 1: Grow Leadership Commitment and Alignment

    • What does wellness mean to you?

    • Why grow leadership commitment and alignment?

    • What does committed and aligned leadership to workplace wellness look like?

    • How to grow committed and aligned leadership

    • Case Study - Sky Ireland

    • Step 1 Action Items, Toolkit and Reading

    • BONUS - Culture of Health - 3 Extraordinary Workplace Wellness Programmes

    • Step 1 Quiz

  • 4

    Step 2: Create a Team of Wellness Champions

    • Introduction to Step 2 - Create a Team of Wellness Champions

    • The why and the what of wellness champions

    • How to put a wellness champion team together

    • Wellness champion examples and case study

    • BONUS - Live Review of Wellbeing Champion Case Study

    • Step 2 Quiz

  • 5

    Step 3: Understanding Needs and Wants by Gathering Meaningful Data

    • They why and the what of gathering meaningful data

    • The how of gathering meaningful data

    • What data gathering tools are available?

    • What are other organisations measuring?

    • Asking the right questions

    • Step 3 action items, reading and toolkit

    • BONUS - Live review of Berry et al reading assignment

    • Step 3 Review

  • 6

    Step 4: Document an Operating Plan

    • The why, what and how of documenting an operating plan

    • The 7 headings for your wellbeing operating plan

    • Operating Plan Case Study - GameStop

    • A living and breathing document? Plus Step 4 toolkit and reading

    • Step 4 Review

  • 7

    Step 5: Choose the Interventions

    • The why and the what of choosing interventions

    • The how of choosing interventions - physical activity example

    • Case Study - Kuehne + Nagel - Choosing Interventions

    • Action items and reading assignment

    • BONUS - Reading assignment live review

    • Step 5 Review

    • Bonus Case Study - Mental Health Ally Programme at Accenture Ireland

  • 8

    Step 6: Communicate Strategically

    • The why, what and how of communicating strategically

    • Examples of communicating strategically

    • Action items and reading assignment

    • BONUS - Reading assignment live review

    • Step 6 Review

  • 9

    Step 7: Foster a Supportive Environment

    • The why of fostering a supportive environment

    • The what and how of fostering a supportive environment

    • Choice Architecture

    • Physical work environment - Built environment examples

    • Action items and reading assignment

    • BONUS - Live review of our reading assignment

    • Step 7 Review

  • 10

    Step 8: Evaluate, Celebrate and Iterate

    • The why of evaluating, celebrating and iterating

    • The what and how of evaluation

    • Celebrate and iterate

    • Final action item

    • Step 8 Review

  • 11

    Conclusion - You Made It!

    • Conclusion

    • Thank You and Next Steps

Course Instructor

Brian Crooke

Brian is a wellbeing educator, speaker and adviser supporting organisations to promote and sustain wellbeing within their workplaces. He is the founder of the Workplace Wellbeing Ireland community and is the Course Director of the Postgraduate Certificate in Workplace Wellness at Tangent, Trinity College Dublin. He is also the host of The Work Well Podcast. In his spare time Brian is bringing free resistance training to every county and community in Ireland through his parkHIIT project.


  • This programme takes place online so you will need an up to date computer and a good quality internet connection

  • A Facebook account so you can access the private community

  • A positive attitude 😊