Course Summary

As a clinical psychologist who has worked with families for many years, Dr. Malie Coyne understands the challenges working parents face, which can often shake their sense of balance and wellbeing. In this course, Malie shares the science behind self-compassion in counter-balancing our threat-focused brains, which helps us in being driven and responding to our children from a place of soothing rather than threat. Malie's approach is very down to earth, and it is hoped that parents will be left with reassurance in being ‘good enough’, and some practical tools to help build resilience, and create a work-life balance which truly aligns with their values. 

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, working parents will be able to:

  • Identify strategies for balancing work and family which truly align with your core values

  • Gain insight into the human threat-focused ‘tricky brain’ which feeds into the many external and internal challenges faced by busy working parents and how this can lead to ‘parental burnout’

  • Learn about the 3 emotional circles (Threat, Drive, Soothing) to identify the difference between being driven from a place of fear versus from a place of soothing

  • Embrace the 3 elements of self-compassion (mindfulness, common humanity, self-kindness) to increase the crucial space between stimulus and response

  • Explore what ‘good enough parenting’ is, and how parents can benefit from reflecting on themselves with compassion, so they can further build child and parent resilience

  • Identify common barriers to self-compassion, and how to decrease the power of the self-critical voice in favour of a kinder voice

  • Cultivate a practice of compassionate self-care, where parents identify activities to engage in within each self-care area (i.e. physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual and social)

Your Instructor

Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Malie Coyne

Dr. Malie Coyne is a Clinical Psychologist, Author, and Adjunct Psychology Lecturer at NUI Galway who sits on the Mental Health Advisory Panel for the A Lust for Life charity. Malie is the author of the best-selling book “Love in, Love out: A compassionate approach to parenting your anxious child”. With her considerable experience of working with clients throughout the lifespan, Malie is fast becoming one of the leading voices in compassionate self-care in Ireland. Through her advocacy work, public speaking and print, radio and television contributions, Malie shines a light on mental health issues and promotes meaningful wellbeing. Malie lives in Galway with her husband and two little ladies.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Module 1

  • 2

    Module 2

    • Introduction to Module 2

    • Understanding Our Tricky Brains

    • Threat, Drive and Soothing

    • Three Systems Model

    • Case Study: 'Stressed' Documentary

    • Elements of Self-Compassion

    • Meditation

    • Recommended Reading - VUCA article

    • Module 2 Journal

    • Quiz for Module 2: How our ‘tricky brains’ impact our work-life balance

  • 3

    Module 3

    • The Role of Self-Compassion in a VUCA World

    • Exercise: Draw Your Own Three Circles

    • Drawing your Three Circles - Download the PDF

    • Compassionate Parenting

    • Why is Compassionate Self-Care so Important?

    • Between Stimulus and Response

    • Balance Graphic - Susi Lodola

    • Homework: The 3 pillars of 'good enough' parenting

    • Module 3 - Journal Entry

    • Quiz for Module 3: The role of self-compassion in parenting

  • 4

    Module 4

    • Prioritising a Self-Care Plan

    • The 'Good Enough' Parent

    • The Value of Working on Yourself

    • Common Barriers to Self-Care

    • Lotus of Self-Care Exercise

    • Exercise Worksheet - Lotus of Self-Care

    • Module 4 - Journal Entry

    • Quiz for Module 4 - Prioritising a Self-Care Plan

  • 5

    Module 5

    • Concluding Thoughts

    • Review Goal Sheet

    • Closing Meditation

    • Module 5 - Journal Entry

    • Bonus: 'Mom and Dad, you don't have to be perfect' - Podcast

    • Bonus: 'The Compassionate Approach to Stress, Anxiety and Burnout' - Podcast